Freestanding systems

1 row of modules
with one support

sun tracking system
sun tracking system
automatic snow-removal system
automatic snow-removal system
scope of works (swing angle)
scope of works (swing angle)
exceptional protection against corrosion
exceptional protection against corrosion

Product description

The Energy5 photovoltaic tracker is a single-axis, fully maintenance-free system that follows the sun. It enables the installation of modules in one row up to a maximum length of 98m.

It is distinguished by up to 30% higher yields compared to still PV structures. The exceptional efficiency of the solar system is ensured by the sun tracking function, thanks to which the PV modules align optimally with the direction of solar radiation.

The system is controlled by the astronomical clock, while the security of the system is ensured by intelligent sensors and a weather station that measures the strength and direction of the wind. After exceeding the critical values, the system forces the automatic positioning of the panels in the preferred safe position.

The Energy5 tracking system is also equipped with snow sensors. When heavy precipitation is detected, the trackers go into automatic snow removal programme and position the structures at an angle that allows snow to slide off the structure.


  • sun tracking system,
  • 3D Backtracking – minimizing row shading,
  • snow removal,
  • emergency power system,
  • additional function: 24/7 monitoring application.

* The functions are configured according to the client’s expectations.


The 3D Backtracking algorithm calculates the angle of the panels to prevent shading of the consecutive rows of modules. This function allows the panels to be rotated to a position in which the shadow cast is shorter and bypasses the next row, ensuring the highest efficiency of the follow-up system.


The application allows customers to obtain a complete picture of the variables appearing in trackers. The system sends alarms and alerts to e-mail, thanks to which it is possible to control variables such as:

  • battery level,
  • peak motor current,
  • wind speed,               
  • axle lock, communication, motor overload.


The tracker is controlled automatically on the basis of an algorithm based on the Astronomical Almanac and sensors that monitor weather conditions.

Main features:

  • 3D Backtracking algorithm,
  • wind and snow protection,
  • cleaning configuration,
  • encrypted wireless mesh network,
  • local operation using a smartphone application with Bluetooth connectivity,
  • integrated 3-axis accelerometer for accurate inclination measurement,
  • intelligent positioning – configurable reduction of the inclination depending on the strength and direction of the wind,night mode that allows you to define the inclination of the panels during the night,
  • remote firmware update,
  • IEC, UL certificate.

The control unit ensures safe and economic operation of the tracking system. It is equipped with power supply, engine controller, communication systems and a computing unit.

Przykładowa jednostka sterująca
Photo: An example of a control unit

TCU control units are fully customizable according to customer needs in terms of input type, engine utilization, communication mode and duration of operation. The main idea is that each customer can implement their own follow-up strategy with one of our models.

The control unit is available in various power supply configurations:

  • power supply from existing PV installations (optional backup battery),
  • standalone power supply with an internal lithium battery (requires a special photovoltaic charging module),
  • AC power supply (electric network).

Network control unit

Photo: An example of a network control unit

The network control unit is the gateway between the tracking system network and the SCADA system, which can monitor and control the tracking system on site. The NCU provides the ability to detect high winds and snow using peripheral sensors connected to the expander’s I / O module or to the RSU Suntrack ™ unit. Typical NCU tasks include determining if the wind is reaching a predetermined threshold, positioning the tracking system components to the desired position, and triggering snow alarms when the limit is exceeded.

Alarms transmitted via RSU or sensor inputs read by the I / O board are processed by the Network Control Unit (NCU) via wired or wireless communication.

Main features:

  • wide range of operating temperatures,
  • online UPS management function,
  • universal input range of the electric network,
  • IEC, UL certificate,
  • encrypted wireless mesh network,
  • possibility of remote operation,
  • 3D Backtracking algorithm,
  • wind and snow protection,
  • field cleaning position function,
  • remote firmware update,
  • optional, expandable Ethernet input matrix for peripheral sensors,
  • optional fan heater for prolonged low temperatures,
  • Ethernet network connection, switch with RJ45 or fiber port.

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Materialblack steel with Magnelis® coating or galvanized steel
Number of module rows1
Incline+/- 60°
Fixing methoddriven in / concreted
Maximum tilt of the tracker in the nort-south direction98 m* *depending on module dimensions
Guaranteeup to 25 years guarantee for perforation
Adapted to bifacial modulesYes
Adapted to glass-glass modulesYes
Minimum module-to-ground clearance400 mm
  • TR/V1/R (vertical layout of modules in 1 row, radio control),

A new variant of the photovoltaic tracker for PV farms!

  • Vertical arrangement of modules in one row
  • Reduced number of components and optimized price
  • Improved assembly thanks to the lowered structure


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