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The freestanding structures enable installation of over a dozen PV modules in household installations, up to hundreds of thousands modules at huge photovoltaic power plants, generating impressive amounts of energy.

The systems proposed by us are selected individually, taking into account the shape of a terrain, geotechnical conditions, and wind and snow zones in a specific location.

We manufacture structures for modules with an aluminium frame, as well as for glass-glass or bifacial modules. We provide a support of well-qualified specialists from a design to a final installation.

Pile driving and pull out tests for structural piles

The company range is complemented by pile driving, for fast and professional installation of overhead structures on driven piles. We have our own machines, called rams, for driving piles for photovoltaic systems. We propose a pile driving service combined with assembling of the upper structures, or assembling the structure and installation of photovoltaic modules.

Energy5 also performs pull out tests for structural piles, to evaluate an overall condition of the ground, prepare working designs for the structure, and select appropriate depths to which legs will be driven.

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