Freestanding systems

TR/V2/R lub TR/V2/K
2 rows of modules
with one support

sun tracking system
sun tracking system
automatic snow-removal system
automatic snow-removal system
scope of works (swing angle)
scope of works (swing angle)
exceptional protection against corrosion
exceptional protection against corrosion

Product description

A photovoltaic tracker is a system following the sun that eliminates shading of modules on their bottom side and is dedicated to large area farms.

A single-axle system enables the system movement along the east-west axis, so photovoltaic panels are set perpendicularly to the sun rays direction.

The main advantage of this system is the increased efficiency of obtaining solar energy, as yields are higher by ca. 30% on average, versus fixed free-standing structures.

The system is equipped with a central unit, controlling the tracker function, and a weather station, measuring the wind strength and direction, and a degree of cloudiness. When critical values are exceeded, the system forces automatic setting of panels in a preferred safe position or, when the sky is overcast, it sets modules in the position that is most optimal for energy yields.

A local control room is equipped with an operator panel, so the entire farm can be controlled from one location, e.g., during maintenance works, increasing the safety of operation. A controller analyses parameters of individual trackers on a regular basis, and informs about any errors. With this system, the farm ground coverage ratio (GCR) can be increased, and modules can be installed even in difficult terrain. The system is connected to an internal security network, so the farm can be monitored 24 / 7 / 365.

The Energy5 photovoltaic tracker is also equipped with precipitation sensors that can be used to measure the thickness of the snow layer. When heavy snowfall is detected, trackers go into the automatic snow removal mode – rotating the structures alternately. 

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System specifications

Materialblack steel S320-S450 with the Magnelis® coating or galvanised steel
Incline+/- 60°
Fixing methoddriven in
Guaranteeup to 25 years guarantee for perforation
Adapted to bifacial modulesYes
  • sun tracking algorithm
  • backtracking
  • weather station
  • station monitoring cloudiness
  • sensors monitoring snow removal
  • control cabinet: a server and an operator panel
  • emergency power system
  • application monitoring 24/7
  • maintenance mode


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