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At Energy5, ESG policy is the driving force that shapes our business at every stage, developing positive transformations for the environment, our employees, partners and customers. We strive to shape a future based on balance. Our actions and innovations are steps towards building a better tomorrow. Our passion is not only photovoltaic structures and solar energy, but also the energy of change that shapes a harmonious and beneficial future for everyone.



Our ESG policy is our tool to create a positive impact on the planet and future generations. Energy5 closely monitors and minimizes its impact on the environment. The implemented ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System is our commitment to continuous improvement in the field of activities consistent with ESG values. This is not only an indicator of our high standards, but also proof that we are taking real steps towards creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Every stage of our activity in the photovoltaic industry contributes to environmental protection. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using solar energy are our key advantages. By consistently investing in photovoltaics at our headquarters, we set an example of how to use renewable energy sources in practice. We believe that caring for our planet starts with trees. Our initiative to plant 700 trees in the Gostynin commune is an investment for future generations. The trees we plant will absorb huge amounts of CO2 and contribute to the production of oxygen for many people.

Our commitment to sustainable development is also reflected in the choice of materials. Steel with an anti-corrosion coating used for the production of freestanding structures is an environmentally friendly solution that contributes to saving natural resources.

We introduce changes in documentation, eliminating the use of paper and using electronic signatures. We are investing in electromobility by expanding our fleet with electric cars. As a responsible employer, we limit the use of plastic among employees by implementing reusable water bottles and conducting educational campaigns.

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At Energy5 we know that renewable energy is not just electricity but also the power to create change in the lives of communities. Our ESG philosophy is a continuous commitment to society.

People are our most important capital. We focus on their health, safety and development. Thanks to health and safety procedures and development training, we create work that protects and inspires. Employee safety is our ongoing mission. We have implemented and are improving the certified ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. We respect diversity, equalize opportunities regardless of origin, gender or orientation and counteract exclusion.

As local leaders we care about building relationships. We support local cultural and sports initiatives. Our energy of change is also the energy to create a future full of harmony and understanding.

We proudly support the local Wisła Płock Club because we see it not only as a sports team but also as a source of inspiration for young people. Our involvement in the football club not only promotes an active lifestyle and passion for sport, but also develops skills, builds characters and shapes values ​​related to teamwork, perseverance and pursuit of goals.

We regularly bring joy to children in need by organizing collections of school supplies and personal hygiene products. We initiate support for orphanages, care and educational facilities and local cultural events. We do not remain indifferent to challenges. In the face of the pandemic, we supported local medical facilities. Refugees from Ukraine in need could also count on our help.

CSR at Energy5 is more than responsibility towards stakeholders – it is a collective action that shapes a better future for the community.


Energy5 strives to achieve business success while ensuring social and environmental responsibility and effective internal management. Our company bases its activities on the principles of transparency, ethics and equality, which effectively contributes to building trust in relationships with colleagues and business partners.

Accurate financial reporting is the foundation of corporate governance that guides our business. When cooperating with business partners we strive to maintain honesty, compliance with regulations and the highest standards.

Our company is built on values ​​such as respect, professionalism and teamwork. We are also guided by the principle of customer welfare, provide professional service and deliver the highest quality products and services in accordance with the implemented ISO: 9001:2015 Quality Management System. We create partnerships based on trust and respect for rights.

In our relationships with contractors and business partners, we strive for honesty and professionalism. As part of our business activities and the responsible implementation of business goals we make conscious purchasing decisions that take into account aspects of sustainable development. We ensure timely payments, following the set standards. When selecting suppliers we take into account not only quality, but also their social and ethical commitment. Our agreements and cooperation are based on transparency and building mutual trust.

Responsibility and commitment are an integral part of our approach to corporate governance, based on ethics and morality in business relationships.

Our commitment to diversity is a reflection of our values. At Energy5, we appreciate and respect diversity among employees and business partners. We promote equality, eliminate discrimination and create a space where everyone can develop and be respected.

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