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Energy5’s novelty: clamps fixed from the bottom of the module

Energy5’s novelty: clamps fixed from the bottom of the module

Energy5 has introduced patented solutions for end and middle clamps for mounting photovoltaic panels, which are screwed from the bottom of ground structures. This innovative approach allows for the installation of clamps and screws without having to hold them from above, eliminating the need for installers to support themselves and step on the surface of the modules.

This is particularly important considering that producers of the renewable energy sector strictly prohibit loading the panel surfaces due to the potential risk of damage and reduced efficiency of photovoltaic installations.

The aim of implementing new Energy5 solutions was to develop a simple, but at the same time effective set of middle and end clamps, which will not only speed up the assembly process and will make installation servicing easier, but also have a positive impact on the safety and durability of the entire system. This allows installers to work more efficiently and safely, avoiding the need to walk on the structure or use ladders to install terminals.

It is also worth noting that the structures of the Energy5 clamp units are characterized by a simple structure, which guarantees effective mounting of photovoltaic panels in the installation. Additionally, the possibility of mounting clamps on not yet assembled structural elements of the table, which can then be screwed together with them, translates into savings in assembly time and increases the efficiency of the assembly teams.

The traditional method of mounting clamps, which is commonly used on the market, requires the use of Allen or Torx screws. These screws are tightened from the top and then secured with a nut from below (e.g. a wing or hammer nut). Other approaches additionally use adapters to immobilize the nuts and prevent them from turning spontaneously when tightening the main screw. In the case of top mounting, as in the solutions discussed, servicing, tightening screws and replacing photovoltaic panels become a problem because they require access from the top. This may involve the need to support the modules or move around on their surface, which may be dangerous and inconvenient for installers.

Solutions reserved in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

The process of implementing innovative solutions was preceded by the completion of the procedure related to the registration of several varieties of utility models at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (UPRP). The Energy5 team used the utility model application procedure, which allowed not only to protect the company’s know-how, but also to guarantee protection of both the appearance of the solution and its technical features. It is worth emphasizing that a utility model is defined as a new, technical solution suitable for industrial applications, concerning the shape or structure of a permanent object or an object consisting of functionally related durable parts.

To sum up, the introduction of innovative solutions for Energy5 clamp assemblies is a significant step forward in the photovoltaic industry. The benefits for investors include improved system efficiency and performance, thanks to easy access to the mounting screws from the bottom, eliminating the inconvenience associated with traditional installation methods. For installers, this means a significant reduction in assembly time, increased work efficiency and a lower risk of accidents.

We encourage you to learn about the new opportunities offered by Energy5 and contact experienced advisors who will be happy to provide detailed information and tailor the offer to your individual needs and expectations.

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