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The largest Energy5 investment in Hungary

The largest Energy5 investment in Hungary

The expansion of the photovoltaic investment in Hungary is in progress. The 26.5 MW farms completed in previous years will be supplemented with new structures forming a part of the project, manufactured by Energy5.

Under this task, this year our company will deliver new supporting structures for construction of a photovoltaic farm of the total power of ca. 42 MW. The construction will consist of freestanding  Energy5 systems, including driven in 4xH structures of black steel S320 / S390 with the innovative Magnelis® coating. Systems with this coating are characterised by a significantly higher resistance to corrosion – this is the best solution in terms of quality and costs.

An important aspect of this investment, influencing a long-term and smooth operation of the farm, is performance of pull out tests for structural piles. Energy5 has a highly specialised team and equipment, required for performance of such tests, which enable selection of an optimum installation method appropriate for geotechnical conditions, and relevant wind and snow zones.

Selection of an appropriate system for our Investor was preceded by field tests, consisting of an analysis of geotechnical conditions and determination of possible obstacles.

The advantages of our products are their quality and safety, confirmed by a document of the Polish Technical Approval issued, for the first time in Poland, by the Building Research Institute. We create ready to use fixing systems for photovoltaic modules, testing all connecting elements.  The conducted tests confirm the declared level of performance characteristics.

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