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Energy5 structures at a 49 MW PV farm

Energy5 structures at a 49 MW PV farm

Construction of one of the largest photovoltaic farms in Poland using Energy5 structures was completed in the Bogatynia commune.

The investors in this project were Gepol Dystrybucja in the case of a power grid, and OZE Holding for the photovoltaic farm of the target power of as much as 55 MW. Both entities belong to the Zgorzelec Cluster for Development of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency (ZKlaster).

Our Customer, Electrum Sp. z o.o., was a general contractor for that investment. The Energy5 structures were used to install over 140 thousand modules on the area of ca. 77.5 ha. The entire investment covered as many as 6 neighbouring locations in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship.

The structure design was prepared by Energy5 engineers on a basis of the land development plan (LDP), a technical specification, a geotechnical opinion, and arrangements with the investor. At the stage of the structure selection and LDP development, our engineers also visited the site to inspect the land at which photovoltaic structures were to be installed. Following the conducted analysis it was possible to select optimum solutions, taking into account the diversified topography of that land.

To ensure correct protection against corrosion, the overground Energy5 systems are made of black steel, coated with the metallic coat Magnelis®. The coating is characterised by its significantly higher resistance to corrosion, when compared to galvanised products. This innovative coating guarantees a long-term protection against corrosion in aggressive environmental conditions, up to the corrosion class C5, and this translates into the increased life of the photovoltaic systems.

The constructed power plant is one of the largest investments executed by Energy5. Currently, the company plans new large-scale projects, including production and delivery of photovoltaic structures of a total power of 70 MW or 86 MW.

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