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We know the finalists of the SOFIA program, sponsored by Energy5!

We know the finalists of the SOFIA program, sponsored by Energy5!

The SOFIA grant program announced this spring has just been finalized. As Energy5, the main patron of the project, we provided financial support and substantive care to one of the projects submitted in the RES Wild Card category.

The second edition of the grant program organized by ONDE was four times more popular than last year’s edition. The complex applications surprised us not only with their diversity, but also confirmed our belief that the photovoltaic market still has many secrets for us. The topic that particularly caught the attention of our specialists was the one submitted by Mr. Kamil Skonieczny – “Analysis of the possibility of creating a structure in the form of a solar tracker for a floating photovoltaic installation”.

Why did we want to support this project? Because we see huge potential in the technology of structures that follow the sun. An example is the free-standing PV tracker for land introduced to the offer. We are glad that new ideas emerging in the minds of young people may soon become potential directions of development – and we want to be part of this process.

The financial support provided by Energy5 will help the originator of the project, e.g., create a product prototype or invest in research work requiring a financial contribution. Additionally, the project will not be presented only to experts – its implementation will also be announced to a wide audience, which may include a potential investor willing to support the further development of the initiative.

The other finalists also included:
– Michał Stopel with the project “Application of an artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze the condition of wind turbines using unmanned aerial vehicles”,
– Gabriela Poznańska with the project “Using the energy potential of waste plastics in chemical recycling”,
– Tomasz Cierlicki with the project “Carbon footprint assessment using the standardized IPCC method as a tool for effective control of the life cycle of a photovoltaic power plant.”

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