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The first PV farm on Energy5 solar trackers

The first PV farm on Energy5 solar trackers

A new farm on Energy5 solar trackers is being built in the north-west of Poland and will use one of the most innovative combinations of solar technologies: bifacial modules and solar trackers!

The 1 MW farm will be installed on Energy5 single-axis tracking systems. The use of solar trackers will increase the efficiency of the power plant by up to 30%. All this is possible thanks to bifacial modules and movable structures, equipped with 37 trackers that track the movement of the sun.

The individually designed solar tracker by Energy5 is distinguished by a small number of assembly elements, which ensures an attractive construction cost for such a large-scale investment. Thanks to the reduced number of components and the lowered design, the installation is also very easy to install.

The system has been adapted to difficult, uneven ground. In the case of hilly terrain, it is possible to produce the legs of the structure of different lengths and to drive them in to different depths. The distance of the module from the ground in an individually selected solution is 40–100 cm.

– We used innovative slide bearings as well as special covers and supports that allow the system to be adjusted in all directions. The engine support is also adjustable, which makes installation on irregular grounds just as simple and quick – emphasizes Cezary Rutkowski, Technical Director of Energy5.

The structure is made of black steel covered with an anti-corrosive metallic coating. The highest quality of materials will ensure the farm’s long-term durability and resistance to corrosion.

As part of the tests carried out in the measurement laboratory, the Energy5 solar system performed 7,300 operating cycles without failure, corresponding to the period of 20 years of continuous operation of the tracker. The Energy5 company has also carried out durability tests of the tracker mock-up, made in 1:27 scale. The tests carried out in the wind tunnel confirmed the correctness of the PV modules mounting under the influence of excessive wind speeds up to 120 km/h.

The Energy5 solar tracker solution is controlled automatically on the basis of an algorithm based on the astronomical almanac and with the use of sensors that monitor weather conditions. The use of the weather station allows for ongoing monitoring of the strength and direction of the wind. When critical values ​​are exceeded, the station automatically forces the panels to be set to a safe position. If heavy rain is detected, the trackers go into automatic snow removal / panel cleaning and position structures at an angle that allows snow to slide down or clean modules.

The intelligent assembly structure has also been equipped with the 3D backtracking function, thanks to which the successive rows of modules do not shade each other. This function allows the panels to be rotated to a position where the shadow cast is shorter and avoids successive rows, which ensures the highest performance of the PV tracker.

The Energy5 solution is gaining more and more interest from Investors. The company has already signed further contracts for the production and delivery of photovoltaic trackers for the construction of farms with a capacity of approx. 50 MW.

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