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The AERO S system – glued wins the trust of subsequent customers

The AERO S system – glued wins the trust of subsequent customers

When planning a photovoltaic investment, prosumers look for safe fasteners that will not damage the roofing and will not affect its properties. The membranes used on roofs have very good performance characteristics, and are also cheap and durable.

Taking care not to exceed the load capacity of the building, it is worth considering the choice of glued or welded photovoltaic structures to cover the roof.

Bet on the innovative AERO S system – glued, which does not interfere with the roof covering, is extremely stable, and at the same time has a very low surface load. The aerodynamic system assumes gluing or welding to the surface of a flat roof covered with a membrane. It allows the exposure of photovoltaic modules to the south, additionally has side and rear shields that effectively minimize the impact of wind on the structure

Implementation on Energy5 glued constructions

Another Aero S system – glued was installed on a membrane roof (Protan type) in the Lublin province. The system was attached by welding membrane strips to the roof surface.

The key aspect in the case of this investment was the use of a lightweight, non-invasive structure that would not load and exceed the load capacity of the roof.

The high stability of the structure was ensured by the appropriate arrangement of the modules in the island system. There were slight slopes in the southern part of the roof – in order to optimize yields, a system with two angles of inclination – 10 and 15 degrees was used.

During similar implementations, special attention should be paid to the recommendations of the manufacturer of membrane coverings, which may include important information on the reaction between the applied covering and other materials.

Photos from the implementation of the company RM Solar from Zielona Góra – on AERO S constructions – glued

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