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Take care of the correct selection of photovoltaic system

Take care of the correct selection of photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic structures are the backbone of the system for attaching PV modules. A properly arranged and installed photovoltaic system determines the efficiency of energy yields and the durability of the entire system. When choosing a mounting system for photovoltaic modules, it is worth paying attention to its adaptation to the prevailing geological conditions, as well as wind and snow zones.

Tailor-made photovoltaic structures

Energy5 offers an individual selection of the PV mounting systems – it is primarily cost optimization for the customer, and this is due to the production to size. Each time the assembly system is adjusted to the modules indicated by the investor.

Do you have a large photovoltaic installation ahead of you? In order to go through it efficiently and, above all, safely, it is worth trusting experts who will take care of the correct selection and assembly of the PV mounting system.

Our work related to designing installations starts from drawing individual rows of ground systems in the AutoCAD system. They are designed according to the land development plan (PZT) provided by the client. Appropriate arrangement of photovoltaic systems allows for the selection of the optimal arrangement of modules and the avoidance of obstacles located in the investment area, such as poles, ravines, pits, slopes, swamps or underground infrastructure.

Area Development Plan (PZT)

The areas intended for the construction of a photovoltaic farm belong to the 4th or lower class of land, and their shape is varied. By choosing the Energy5 photovoltaic structures, there is no need to incur additional costs related to leveling unevenness. At Energy5, we propose the use of different depths of driving in the front and rear legs of the structure, then we produce leg profiles in lengths adapted to the specific depth of driving. This approach allows our customers to achieve the optimal inclination angles of PV modules for energy yield.

When planning the layout of PV mounting systems, we analyze the reports of geological surveys provided to us and create a geological cross-section of the soil – this allows us to determine the type of soil and its bearing capacity.

Structural pile pull out tests

The offer of Energy5 includes the service of pulling out structural piles – control points are marked on the site of the future power plant, which should be checked in terms of the force needed to pull out the driven elements from the ground. Accurate verification of the collected data enables the final indication of the depth of driving of legs of the photovoltaic system for their stable foundation.

Structural pile pull out tests

Energy5 has self-propelled pile drivers that are used to drive in profiles in the ground. Our operators and their knowledge of Energy5’s products guarantee the highest durability and professional performance of the service to our customers.

Energy5’s control visits

However, if you decide to assemble the supporting structures on your own and you want to meet the highest standards, Energy5 offers you a service of an acceptance for supporting structures for a photovoltaic power plant. During the inspection, a series of tests and trials are carried out to verify that the structure has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Both the supporting structures and the mounting elements for photovoltaic modules are thoroughly checked. The design acceptance report confirms proper installation in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and is the basis for meeting the warranty assumptions of Energy5.

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