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Energy5 bets on sustainable development and implements ESG

Energy5 bets on sustainable development and implements ESG

Energy5, a manufacturer offering individually designed photovoltaic structures in Central and Eastern Europe, has taken an ambitious step towards sustainable development. The company has implemented an ESG strategy as an integral part of its operations. As part of this approach, Energy5 is committed not only to providing the highest quality products, but also to the highest environmental, social and corporate standards.

The Energy5 Management Board decided to sign and implement key policies, such as: Supplier Code of Ethics or Sustainable Development Policy and Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. These initiatives set the framework for responsible company management in aspects covered by ESG.
Taken actions reflect Energy5’s commitment to sustainable development, constituting a milestone in its mission to create a future of energy based on responsibility and innovation. Energy5 is convinced that the implementation of ESG policies will not only raise the company’s standards, but also strengthen export competitiveness.
For many years, we have initiated various projects related to sustainable development. The published list of ESG initiatives summarizes our activities to date and sets new, future directions for our activities.

Our company actively works to protect the environment, implementing various initiatives aimed at minimizing the negative impact on nature. By using solar energy, investing in photovoltaics, planting trees and using environmentally friendly materials, the company effectively reduces CO2 emissions. Our company’s commitment to sustainable development is manifested in various areas of activity.
The Company’s responsibility also includes taking care of its employees and associates. Energy5 respects human rights and dignity, including: by ensuring safe and stable employment conditions. Our company actively follows the principles of equality and diversity, eliminating all forms of discrimination. Energy5 also works for the community, supporting local cultural initiatives, charity campaigns for children in need and helping local medical facilities. Our activities are focused on creating a better future for communities, both local and global, in line with ESG principles.

In our activities, we emphasize compliance with the principles of ethics, honesty and social responsibility. We have implemented the Supplier Code of Conduct, which constitutes our commitment to comply with the highest business and ethical standards in our relationships with partners and suppliers.
Our certified management systems, including ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015, guarantee the highest standards. For our customers, this means certainty that we operate in accordance with the highest standards, which translates into the highest quality products, a safe workplace for our employees and a positive impact on the environment.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the initiatives implemented as part of ESG

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