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Check out the best-selling Energy5 pitched roof systems!

Check out the best-selling Energy5 pitched roof systems!

Photovoltaics on the roof is one of the most common forms of using green energy for single-family houses or enterprises. If you are looking for PV solutions that are suitable for all roofing materials, check out the proposals from Energy5!

Installation of photovoltaic modules is a big investment, so it is worth ensuring that the entire system requires the least user involvement in its operation. Therefore, not only the type and power of the modules selected for the installation, but also the substructure used plays a very important role. It should be characterized by high quality of the material used, lightness and matching of all fasteners.

Such requirements are met by the pitched roof systems in our offer. These are individually designed and completed sets that have been tested as a whole in renowned research centers. The perfect fit of the individual elements for mounting the photovoltaic modules ensures the stability of the structure, which is extremely important in the case of installation on residential buildings.

Roof system covered with metal tiles

The photovoltaic structure consists of aluminum profiles and stainless steel fasteners. In order to keep the roofing waterproof, we use double-threaded screws with EPDM sealing rubber. The set allows for the assembly of modules in vertical and horizontal orientation – we also offer a set of elements for cross-mounting of PV panels.

Roof system covered with trapezoidal sheet

Dedicated rails used in trapezoidal sheet metal systems are available in the form of long and short profiles (called trapezoidal bridges). The bottom part of the elements is glued with EPDM tape, which seals the sheet and prevents moisture from entering the roof substructure.

Roof system covered with roof shingles / slate tiles

The Energy5 offer includes special hooks that enable safe and durable assembly of the structure to roof shingles or slate tiles.

Roof system covered with ceramic tiles and plain tiles

Hooks dedicated to PV installation on ceramic tiles and plain tiles are adjustable, which is extremely important due to the different sizes of tiles available on the market.

Roof system covered with a sandwich panels

The farmer screws used in this photovoltaic system are intended for fixing the elements directly to the roof substructure. Such a procedure prevents delamination of the board and preserves its properties.

How will you benefit from working with Energy5?

From the very beginning, you will be sure that the photovoltaic systems individually designed and manufactured by us are durable and safe. We have a number of certificates confirming the functional properties of our products. We were the first on the market to obtain the National Technical Assessment, which confirms the widest range of technical features that go beyond the provisions of the PN-EN 1090-1 standard.

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