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A photovoltaic cross from Energy5 in Pleszew

A photovoltaic cross from Energy5 in Pleszew

Energy5 designs are not only roof and overground structures, but they also include systems for installation of photovoltaic modules on building façades.

BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) is an excellent solution when modules cannot be safely installed on a roof due to its structure, and there is no space available for a freestanding system. A priest of a parish in Pleszewo, together with engineers, came upon an interesting concept for such solution – taking into account constantly rising electricity bills, they had an idea to install a photovoltaic cross on the church façade. This structure is surprising not only in its form, but also in its message – Reverend Krzysztof Guziałek emphasises that with this solution he not only cares for the environment, but also stimulates his parishioners to reflect. The priest wishes for the photovoltaic cross to generate solar energy during the day and show the believers a way to the church at night, because it is lit.

The nearly 12 meter structure consists of 18 photovoltaic modules of a total power of 5.58 kW. The project was executed in cooperation with the company AGS, offering fixing systems for the construction industry. As the publications linked below indicate, this unique structure attracts interest of Polish and foreign media.,36001,25534804,pleszew-ksiadz-zainstalowal-na-kosciele-kilkunastometrowy-krzyz.html

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