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Mounting systems for photovoltaic modules – business solutions

Mounting systems for photovoltaic modules – business solutions

Enterprises – for the benefit of the environment – more and more often declare the implementation of further actions aimed at reducing CO₂ emissions. One of the postulates fulfilled by the largest domestic and foreign companies is the use of photovoltaic modules in their plants. The implementation of this type of changes is not only pro-ecological, but also a quick return on investment. Business owners invariably ask themselves the question – how to choose a photovoltaic structure to efficiently and safely run a PV installation?

PV structures tailored to your needs

There are PV systems available on the market that enable the installation of modules:

  • on the ground, using free-standing photovoltaic structures,
  • on flat roofs, using ballast or mechanically fastened installations,
  • on pitched roofs, with the use of fasteners adapted to each roofing,
  • on building facades, thanks to the use of wall mounting kits optimized in terms of thermal insulation.

Planning a new photovoltaic structure should involve the analysis of several variables – so that you can count on the fastest possible return on capital.

Key parameters to consider include:

  • expected power of the installation, depending on the real energy needs of the company,
  • available space, allowing for convenient assembly of the structure and its subsequent operation,
  • assumed layout of modules, enabling cost optimization of the project,
  • the type and condition of the ground on which the structure is to be built, which determines the long, failure-free use of the system.

Which mounting system should you choose?

It is extremely common to locate office buildings in city centers, which, due to the high density of buildings, do not allow the installation of free-standing photovoltaic structures. The obstacle is not only the lack of space, but also the shading, which could potentially lower the yields generated by modules. Owners of larger plots of land use PV tables or photovoltaic shelters, which can act as a parking lot – even one equipped with electric car chargers. The choice of investors with a smaller area is photovoltaics mounted on the roofs and facades of building.

1. Systems for flat roofs

Most office buildings have a flat roof – these usually provide an excellent space for mounting solar module mounting systems. The Energy5 offer includes products that can be divided into three categories:

The use of a specific product depends primarily on the type of roof at our disposal – if its surface is characterized by low load-bearing capacity and a stable surface, it is worth investing in mechanically fixed systems, the angle of which is very easy to modify. The advantage of this solution is also the possibility of mounting the photovoltaic structure on the roof with a greater slope. If you want to use less invasive fastening, choose systems which ballast is placed individually for each investment, thanks to which we avoid the phenomenon of point overloads of the roof.

An innovation in the Energy5 offer are PV roof structures that can be glued to the membrane. It will be an excellent form of using the surface of all kinds of halls, the specific surface of which does not allow for mechanical fastening, and the low load capacity excludes the use of additional load.

2. Façade systems

Photovoltaic modules mounted parallel to the wall surface constitute a functional and aesthetic element of the facade. The kits, allowing for their quick, safe and durable fixing, are based on passive steel brackets with the innovative Magnelis® coating. BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) is a system that allows for a 20 mm gap between the module and the cladding layer. This is a particularly important feature that allows air to circulate, and thus, increases the thermal insulation of the building and facilitates the removal of moisture.

System elewacyjny BIPV

The BIPV system by Energy5 has successfully passed the tests at the Fire Research Department of the Building Research Institute, thanks to which the durability of this photovoltaic structure was confirmed in a fire situation and the requirements of §225 of Technical Conditions for buildings and their location were met.

The decisive advantage of façade structures is the possibility of adapting them to the appearance of the building – the modules can be installed in a vertical and horizontal orientation, and can also be used to compose a variety of patterns.

Investments in photovoltaics pay off

As a leader in the design and production of individual mounting systems for photovoltaic modules, we use the power of the sun, which improves our daily work. Thanks to obtaining energy from photovoltaics, we are sure that we will not be surprised by sudden changes in electricity prices or their interrupted supplies. If you want to guarantee a similar convenience for your company, be sure to consider the use of safe Energy5 solutions, the long-term durability of which is confirmed by tests carried out on an ongoing basis in accredited research centers.

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